GA Telesis purchases two A319 Aircraft

GA Telesis, LLC (GAT) has announced the closing of the purchase of two Airbus A319 aircraft subject to multi-year leases with Rossiya Airlines, the company said.

The transaction was executed by GA Telesis Aviation Investments 2 LLC (GAIN 2), an aviation investment vehicle managed by GA Telesis Capital Management and co-funded by GAT and Wafra Capital Partners.

LIFT is the group within the GA Telesis Ecosystem responsible for Leasing, Investments, Finance & Trading through its business units ATG, LFG, and CMG. The Asset Transaction Group (ATG) engages in aircraft and engine leasing and trading. The Leveraged Financing Group (LFG) is a direct lending platform that provides senior debt, sub-debt, and uni-tranche financing solutions for lessors, investors, and airlines. The Capital Management Group (CMG) oversees the management of third-party investor capital, including the GAIN 1 and 2 vehicle.