GA Telesis completes purchase of 5 A320 Aircraft

GA Telesis, LLC has announced closing on the purchase of five Airbus A320 aircraft subject to lease with United Airlines, the company said.

GA Telesis´ Leasing Investment Financing & Trading (LIFT) Group is the company within the GA Telesis Ecosystem responsible for leasing, investments, finance & trading through its business units ATG, LFG and CMG. The Asset Transaction Group (ATG) engages in aircraft and engine leasing and trading. The Leveraged Financing Group (LFG) is a direct lending platform that provides senior debt, sub-debt and uni-tranche financing solutions for lessors, investors, and airlines. The Capital Management Group (CMG) oversees the management of third-party investor capital including the GAIN 1 and 2 vehicle.

GA Telesis is a global provider of integrated solutions to the aviation and aerospace industries. The company serves over 3,000 customers including airlines, OEMs, MROs and suppliers worldwide with 31 leasing, sales, distribution and MRO operations in 19 countries.