FusionStorm renews Cisco specialization

FusionStorm, a provider of IT and cloud solutions, has utilized its deep expertise in private and hybrid cloud technologies by renewing and extending the Cisco Master Cloud Builder specialization, the company said.

This specialization showcases FusionStorm´s ability to design and implement Data Center infrastructure solutions, ranging from On-Prem Private Cloud to Hybrid Cloud, based on Cisco technologies and solution offerings that span systems, storage, and networking with automation and cloud management.

Renewing and extending the Master Cloud Builder specialization is the result of a rigorous evaluation process in which FusionStorm demonstrated master-level capabilities in designing, deploying, and supporting data center cloud-ready infrastructure, as well as an established record of success implementing the technology for its customers. Evaluation for the specialization concludes with an audit of the partner´s capabilities by a third-party firm.

FusionStorm is an award-winning global IT solutions provider with a proven track record of success in delivering best-of-breed technology solutions to enterprises of all sizes. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services, including cloud architecture and data center solutions, enterprise services and international logistics and implementation to organizations in more than 30 countries.