Funeral Planning 101

When you lose a loved one or a really close friend, especially if it is an unexpected and untimely passing, the last thing on your mind would be how to plan a funeral. Of course you would want to spend that time grieving for your loved one, remembering him or her, and looking back on all of the good times. But it is inevitable of course for you to want to honour and celebrate the life your loved one had lived. If you do not know what goes into a funeral, how much you would need to spend on a funeral, and what are the logistics and suppliers you would need to consider for a funeral, then you would be in deep trouble that you might not even get to grieve properly for your loved one. Lucky for you, it is not really that hard to plan for a funeral, so as long as you know the decisions you would have to make and all of the arrangements you would have to do. In fact, it could even be a lot easier if you just hire a funeral director to do all of the nitty and gritty work for you.

The Basics

Understanding the basics would give you the upper hand when dealing with planning a funeral, most especially when you are faced with third party suppliers and services. Did you know that on average, at this present time, a burial would already cost you around £1,800 – that does not even include the cost of having a wake and a funeral service with flowers, food catering, and guests. That cost just includes all of the processes and preparations necessary for burying your loved one. If you want to save up a bit, you could consider giving your loved one a cremation which would roughly cost you £100 cheaper at £1,700. Again, this does not include all of the other expenses like holding a memorial service. These costs are simply the basics that you need to go back to so that you would not get cheated with all of the grief, the planning, the anger, the sadness, and the stresses of planning a funeral.

Decisions, Expenses and Stress

If you want to honour the life of your deceased loved one, you would have to plan for a special memorial service in order to do so. But of course it does not come with a cheap price as there are a lot of expenses involved, and it also does not come easily where you can snap your fingers and there you will have it. There are a lot of decisions involved in planning for a funeral, let alone if you want to have a memorial service in place. Expenses range from paying £850 for the service, £350 for the average cost of catering services, £150-200 for the flower decorations and set-ups, £70 for a death notice you would have to put up, and of course expenses for the venue which ranges from £200-250 and transportation and logistics which could go as high as £300. Not to mention all of the time and effort you would have to dedicate just so you are certain that all things are in order and in place.

Funeral Packages and Arrangements

If you want to make your life easier, you could actually hire a funeral director or funeral service providers to do all of the planning for you. On average, you might have to spend £2,000-3,000 on planning a funeral by yourself. Of course not only will you spend so much money, but you would also be spending a lot of your time and effort at a time when you should be grieving instead. By opting to get funeral packages and arrangements, you could already have a funeral for as low as £975 for a direct, straight to the point, and worry-free cremation, or if you have the money, you could opt to pay for as much as £2,695 for a bespoke funeral which would be to your own liking.

The great thing about this though is that even though you could have the funeral the way your loved one would have wanted it to be, you would not have to go through all of the stresses and hassles of actually planning and deciding where to get food from, how to move the deceased, who will prepare, embalm and dress the deceased, and so much more. For the same amount, if not less, of planning a funeral on your own, you could actually hire a funeral director to overlook all of the planning and the decision making for you. If the price is too high, you could even customise the arrangements into only including the essentials in terms of having a funeral, so you would only pay even less than the average cost of funerals these days at only £1,575.