Fujitsu selects Napatech accelerator for Proactnes II QM 200G network monitoring

Napatech (OSE: NAPA) has partnered with Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories where the Napatech NT100E3-1-PTP accelerator has been chosen for Fujitsu´s Proactnes II QM 200GbE network quality monitoring & analysis solution, the company said.

Fujitsu´s Proactnes II QM solution can instantly detect any deterioration of network quality and accurately identify the problem area.

Napatech accelerators are designed for use in standard servers, providing guaranteed delivery of data for analysis. Additionally, the accelerators support a range of intelligent features that accelerate processing and analysis of Ethernet data while consuming fewer server resources.

Napatech accelerates network management and security applications to stay ahead of the speed of networks.