Fuji Dream Airlines orders up to 6 E175 for its all-Embraer fleet

Embraer has signed an agreement with Japan´s Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) for a firm order of three E175s, with purchase rights for an additional three aircraft of the same model, the company said.

This brings the total potential order to an estimated value of USD 274 million, based on 2017 list prices, if all purchase rights are exercised. The firm order will be included in Embraer´s 2017 second-quarter backlog.

FDA currently operates 11 aircraft – three E170s and eight E175s. In addition, FDA has also extended the agreement for Embraer´s Flight Hour Program (Pool) for up to eight years.

The E175s will be configured in a single-class layout with 84 seats and will be equipped with the Autoland system to perform CAT III approach and landing in limited visual conditions. The E175s feature aerodynamic enhancements such as a new wingtip and other technical improvements that have a proven track record of reducing fuel burn.

FDA and Embraer have also signed an extension of the Pool Program to cover its fleet of E170s and E175s, including these new orders. The program includes the advance exchange and repair management for more than 300 essential line replacement units of the aircraft. In 2016, FDA achieved a 12-month schedule reliability of 99.87% – one of the world´s highest among all E170 and E175 operators.

With aircraft based in Nagoya and Shizuoka, FDA operates six to eight flights daily per E-Jet to around 15 cities in Japan such as Fukuoka, Sapporo (Okadama and New Chitose) and secondary cities such as Hanamaki, Yamagata and Matsumoto. FDA´s fleet is instantly recognizable by its brightly colored aircraft, some of which are painted gold, silver, green tea, pink, yellow and purple. FDA is part of the Suzuyo Group which also owns an E-Jets full-flight simulator to provide pilot and fleet training for its staff.