FTTX Patents Get CommScope 2020 Lifetime Achievement Awards

For its third annual Lifetime Achievement Awards, CommScope is honoring an exceptional cable network engineer and its comprehensive fiber-to-the-x (FTTX) patent portfolio for their invaluable impact on the global network infrastructure company and the entire telecommunications industry, the company said.

CommScope announced and recognized these special award winners at its virtual 2020 Innovators in Action Summit.

With more than 20 years of exceptional service, David Bowler, senior director, Advanced Research Engineering, based in Lowell, Massachusetts, earned the CommScope 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award — Innovator.

The CommScope 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award — Patent award honored a collective group of 40 fiber-to-the X patents that were issued early in the industry´s adoption of FTTX architectures.

CommScope recognized 16 innovators for their contributions to this award-winning FTTX patent portfolio: Barry Allen, Douglas Dowling, Erik Gronvall, Matthew Holmberg, Jonathan Kaml, Scott Kowalczyk, Thomas Leblanc, Paula Lockhart, Dr. Yu Lu, Pon Nhep, Tom Parsons, Trevor Smith, James Solheid, Pat Thompson, Tom Tinucci, and Steve Zimmel.

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