Fruity Chutes introduces flexible CO2 parachute deployment system for drones

Fruity Chutes has introduced a new Hawk CO2 release valve for use with the Peregrine UAV ballistic parachute launcher for drone and UAV parachute recovery, the company said.

The company said it has been selling the Peregrine UAV ballistic parachute system for some time with the Raptor CO2 release. The Raptor CO2 release uses a small pyrotechnic charge to fire a piercing pin into the CO2 canister, but pyrotechnics are not available in many countries. The new Hawk valve is completely mechanical and uses no regulated consumables.”

Fruity Chutes is a manufacturer of parachute recovery systems for drones, UAVs, R/C aircraft, and rockets. The company provides parachute recovery systems for many UAS manufacturers.