Frommer publishes list of best 2020 airfare, hotel booking sites

Frommer, a US travel guide publisher, has announced the results of its best and worst airfare and hotel booking sites, the company said.

In two separate studies, Frommer´s explored the biggest brands in airfare and hotel booking engines against each other to determine which 10 sites in both categories were best at delivering the cheapest prices, the most useful results, and the best user experience.

Since Frommer´s last rankings three years ago, the playing field has been transformed. For 2020´s list, upstart sites have boomed. Big brands have closed shop and some, like GoogleFlights, failed to even crack the top 10. Amid the scuffle, scrappy underdog Agoda climbed on one list but tumbled on another, and new champions HotelsCombined (hotels) and Skiplagged (airfares) won first place.