Frienedy announces new mobile app

Frienedy said it has announced a new mobile app today that can be downloaded from Apple´s App Store.

Recognized for its appeal to users of all ages for communicating within multiple private groups in a single application, Frienedy allows users to create an unlimited number of private groups where photos and documents can be shared, events can be managed, and group conversations can be led.

Its pinnacle feature, the WishList, has bolstered wide reaching appeal for users from children to adults for adding items to easily purchase.

Frienedy has built a substantial user base over the past four months since the launch of its website, attracting families, schools, sports teams, clubs, sororities, and small businesses who wish to ensure the absolute privacy of the content they share.

Frienedy was founded in 2013 as a safe, private group networking community designed for users and groups of all ages.