FREQUENTIS equips navigation management system to Quantas to improve flight planning

Frequentis has announced it has provided its Navigation Data Management System (NavDB) to Australian airline Qantas to improve flight planning, the company said.

The system allows the airline to gather global aeronautical data including digital NOTAM. Based on this data, flight planning and flight plan optimization is performed for pre-flight and in-flight phases, as well as post-flight analysis. The success of the solution is also thanks to core modules from the smart4Aviation product suite and the University of Sydney´s flight plan algorithm.

The Frequentis AIM solution is based on smartAIM, AIXM 5.1 database including workflow management, and allows Qantas to increase efficiency and quality through automation. The solution is an entire system landscape that consists of modular components, fully integrated with third-party systems to ensure complete interoperability along the digital aeronautical data chain.

The system also supports fuel consumption optimization by making use of Australia´s Organized Track Structure (AUSOTS), a free flight concept called Flex Tracks managed by Airservices Australia. Instead of limiting flight plans to a fixed route structure, Airservices Australia can produce tracks which obtain reductions in an airline´s fuel use by positioning the tracks depending on weather or wind conditions resulting in the equivalent of on-demand route planning.