FreeUP Mobile launches improved version of wireless, Internet service

Since the soft launch of their program in April of this year, FreeUP Mobile has seen its customer base expand as more and more people opt out of paying monthly wireless bills, the company said.

FreeUP has enjoyed rave reviews from subscribers as their monthly phone bills decrease by 50% or more. Since its inception, FreeUP Mobile´s top priority has been to deliver premium wireless service at a greatly reduced cost or even for free. FreeUP has been delivering on this promise from day one.

Now, FreeUP has their sights set on continuing to expand their network and offer a better experience for their users. With that in mind, they recently launched their new and improved program, FreeUP 2.0. This program offers more competitive wireless plans and an enhanced version of their mobile app. Plus, access to best-in-class Unlimited Global Calling to most destinations and minutes stipend for expensive destinations. This is all offered with the new “Make It Free Guarantee”, a no risk offer that matches your first USD 10 in credits, making your first month of service on the USD 20 Unlimited Plan completely free!

FreeUP Mobile is a revolutionary wireless company founded with the single goal of tying customer rewards and loyalty to making high quality wireless service free. The company offers wireless plans on a nationwide Tier-1 network. Users are able to earn credits using the FreeUP Mobile Rewards app which are then applied to the user´s monthly services. By earning only a small amount in rewards credits each day, FreeUP Mobile subscribers are able to make their services Free!