Frankfurt Airport puts SESAR prototype CAT III GBAS in service

Officials of the European public-private partnership SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme said the programme took a step toward the objective of optimising runway capacity under low visibility conditions last week at Frankfurt Airport when a prototype NORMARC 8100 CAT III ground based augmentation system went into operation.

SESAR represents the technological dimension of the Single European Sky initiative, intended to give Europe a high-performance air traffic control infrastructure.

Developed by Norwegian air traffic management technology company Indra Navia (as a partner in NATMIG) under SESAR Project 15.3.6, the NORMARC 8100 GBAS is a new generation of satellite-based landing systems with an architecture that is well suited to comply with ICAO´s GAST D (CAT III) requirements.

GBAS augments signals from the Global Navigation Satellite System to make them accurate and reliable enough to use during aircraft approaches and landings. GBAS will enable increased air traffic capacity, provide opportunities for noise abatement and accommodate flexible operations such as curved approaches and landing on close parallel runways.

The installation and commissioning of the NORMARC 8100 CAT III prototype at Frankfurt Airport marks the start of system validation testing, being led by Deutsche Flugsicherung in cooperation with EuroControl and other members of the project team.

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