Fractal Analytics, Martin Lindstrom partnership connects big data, small data

Fractal Analytics and Martin Lindstrom have partnered on a strategic know-how exchange program that seeks to optimize the value of data, the companies said.

Big Data has transformed how companies make decisions over the last 20 years. As computational sophistication, data sizes and analytics capabilities grow exponentially, a new perspective called Small Data by experts has become increasingly important in understanding the causal connections in Big Data instead of just correlations.

Fractal Analytics, one of the earliest companies to shape the Big Data revolution, has consistently leveraged advanced techniques like artificial intelligence and deep learning to understand, predict and optimize consumer behavior. Martin Lindstrom, author of 7 New York Times best-selling books, including Buyology and his latest Small Data, and advisor to numerous Fortune 100 brands, including LEGO, Disney and PepsiCo has, over a ten-year period, shaped the philosophy of Small Data.

The partnership between Fractal Analytics and Martin Lindstrom´s Small Data will materialize throughout the year in an ongoing investigation into new and innovative ways of combining Small and Big Data, to infuse more powerful insights into business decision-making processes.

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