Former pilot Sully Sullenburger co-writes editorial on risk of 5G technology for aviators

Former US Air pilot Chelsea (Sully) Sullenberger has co-written an editorial claiming one aspect of the next-generation 5G technology could be risky for aviators, Sullenberger said.

The installation and rollout of 5G mobile communications technology has been a divisive situation across America. Conspiracy theorists claim to link the improved mobile data platform to everything from the COVID-19 pandemic, to government mind control.

A group of three distinguished individuals, including Sullenberger, say that 5G could potentially interfere with global positioning satellites (GPS), and endanger both air and sea navigation. Sullenberger co-wrote an opinion in Aviation Week forwarding these allegations with former US Coast Guard commandant Thad Allen and GPS lead architect Brad Parkinson.

In their opinion piece, the trio decry a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision to allow Ligado Networks to build a 5G network within the L-Band spectrum. Although this could potentially forward American technology interests, the three say that building the network could interfere with the GPS systems.

Citing US Department of Transportation testing, the three say that if Ligado´s plan were to move forward, all civil GPS applications would be threatened. This includes GPS navigation for commercial aircraft.

Currently, all GPS signals run in the L-Band, because the waves can be read even through inclement weather and vegetation growth. The three argue that if Ligado´s L-Band 5G networks moves forward, it would create significant interference, which could create major problems for those relying on GPS navigation. The three say threats could include an enhanced “risk of midair collisions and controlled flight into terrain.”