Former NetJets COO launches private jet service Airspace

Airspace, a Florida-based private luxury aviation company, formed by former NetJets COO Robert Molsbergen, has announced its launch to fill the gap between aircraft charter, jet cards and first-class commercial travel, the company said.

With travel between the New York City area and Fort Lauderdale starting December 6, the new startup aims to make the experience of private air travel more accessible and enjoyable.

Airspace is the first shared private aviation company to let members select and pay for individual seats on its aircraft, which consists exclusively of the newest and largest planes in the category. Members are guaranteed a seat on a new Gulfstream 650 or Bombardier Global 6000, two of the largest jets in the category, allowing for the most cabin space and comfort within the shared private jet market.

Mr. Molsbergen is best known for his executive roles at NetJets, Warren Buffet´s industry-leading private aircraft management organization. He served as the COO of Global Aircraft at NetJets and was the President of NetJets´ charter operator Executive Jet Management.

Airspace is a membership-based private aviation company, offering a per-seat pricing model.