Former Delta pilot files wrongful termination suit against airline

Former 20-year Delta Airlines pilot Michael Protack has filed a wrongful termination suit against the airline, filed by law firm Shegerian & Associates, Inc., the law firm said.

Protack was in good standing before a work-related dispute caused Delta to remove him from flying duties and increasingly retaliate against him over a period of several years.

The lawsuit alleges multiple instances of retaliation, as well as harassment, wrongful termination, age discrimination, and a variety of other misconduct. The suit shows how Delta´s motivations resulted, illegally, from Protack reporting safety concerns about airplanes, including one instance when he refused to fly a scheduled flight for fear of a mechanical issue; reporting misogynistic comments made by other pilots and copilots; and engaging in union activities, such as complaining about unfair pay cuts and pension changes.

Once Delta had poisoned their working relationship with Protack, they then falsely claimed that Protack was medically unfit to fly and required a psychiatric evaluation in order to be restored to flight status. Not only did this directly constitute a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (and other laws), but it was also completely baseless: During this time period Protack had been cleared to fly by numerous board-certified doctors with the FAA, whose authority exceeds Delta´s in determining pilot fitness. Protack actually continued to seek and receive these physical exams and clearances on a regular basis throughout his suspension.

Protack´s case is now pending in the US District Court, Central District of California, Southern Division.

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