Forecast International reports COVID-19 impact on space industry

Forecast International has announced governments and businesses involved with the space industry are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with mixed reactions, the company said.

Some launches are moving forward, while some are not; some tests continue, and some are delayed; some companies still operate, and others have shuttered.

Rocket Lab has suspended launches for the time being. Guiana Space Center has suspended flights, though Arianespace still launches from Baikonur. Soyuz MS-16 launched on April 9 with a new crew for the International Space Station, and SpaceX is planning a Starlink launch on April 16 from the Kennedy Space Center. A planned launch of a GPS 3 satellite has been delayed, and China still launches.

Satellites and launch vehicles continue to be built with a reduced workforce, which could push back completion dates.

Some manufacturing has been halted completely. Soyuz-2 production has ceased due to the pandemic.