Flying Eyes Optics website provides database of opticians who are also pilots

Austin, Texas-based Flying Eyes Optics sponsors, a website dedicated to pilots looking for eye care professionals who understand a pilot´s unique vision requirements, the company said.

The site is a searchable database of opticians who are also licensed pilots. Access to the database is free, and requires no login information.

Dean Siracusa, founder of Flying Eyes Optics, conceived the idea because he found it was easier to explain a pilot´s unique vision requirements to a fellow pilot — not to mention the camaraderie.

Siracusa also said that the site is helpful for opticians who like to highlight his/her expertise within the aviation community. And, the growing demand for prescription lenses in Flying Eye´s sunglasses led him to sponsoring the new website.

Flying Eyes Optics offers unique and patented eyewear to pilots that end noise leaks and pressure headaches while wearing noise-cancelling headsets with typical glasses. Designed with a virtually indestructible resin — Resilimide, Flying Eye´s eyewear are both flexible and micro thin, mitigating pain and discomfort.