publishes release of 737 MAX report, representing passengers to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on air safety, has announced the release of a detailed white paper on how the 737 MAX was unwisely certified as safe and has made recommendations on what needs to be done going forward, the company said.

The organization on November 1 filed an expedited Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for release of the technical details of Boeing ungrounding proposals to the FAA. Boeing has predicted the FAA will unground the MAX by year end and the FAA has so far refused to disclose Boeing´s proposed MAX modifications, testing, and pilot training.

The passenger group faults changes in the law in 2005 and 2018, lobbied by Boeing, that removed safety oversight responsibility from the FAA and placed it into the hands of the plane maker industry and Boeing. These changes culminated in an understaffed FAA whose employees often did not have the required training or certification, who could no longer fully supervise Boeing´s safety certification, and who acquiesced to Boeing pressure to quickly certify the MAX. is the nation´s leading airline passenger group. It operates a toll-free hotline for passengers and publishes a biweekly newsletter.