FlyersRights criticizes coronavirus actions of DOT

FlyersRights has announced its criticism of the the Department of Transportation (DOT) Homeland Security (DHS) and Health & Human Services (HHS), for not requiring airlines and airports to follow the measures recommended in the Runway to Recovery plan, the company said.

The organization said that for months, the DOT refused to mandate all passengers wear masks or appropriate face coverings to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Instead, the DOT will continue to allow airlines to develop and enforce their own unique coronavirus responses. said the US Federal Government has abdicated its responsibility to help stop the spread of the coronavirus through domestic air travel. Regulation of air travel is solely a federal issue, but the DOT refuses to mandate rules on masks, social distancing, cleaning, and measures to discourage travelers from non-essential travel or travel when sick. contends that the airlines have the legal duty to issue refunds to passengers who cancel their flights if they have been diagnosed with Covid-19, display symptoms of Covid-19, or if a state stay-at-home order prohibits non-essential travel. Meanwhile, the airlines have tied up much of the DOT´s resources by not consistently providing refunds when the airlines cancel flights or impose a significant schedule change.

The scientific consensus has recognized the need for widespread mask wearing and social distancing. called on the airlines to require masks for all passengers and flight attendants in April, as well as to improve social distancing and cleaning measures. is an airline passenger organization. It publishes a newsletter, operates a free hotline for airline passengers 877- FLYERS6, advocates for passenger rights and interests, represents passengers on the FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee dealing with air safety.