FlyByHire offers commercial aerial photography by drone

FlyByHire, a Delaware-company, holds a full commercial exemption under the FAA 333 Modernization and Reform act of 2012 (FMRA), the company said.

One of around 4,000 companies in the country to operate UAS vehicles (drones) legally for commercial use, the company, pioneers scaled aerial-photography solutions via the operation of a fleet of owned professional-grade vehicles, employing pilots trained under strict specifications.

FlyByHire works in partnership with insurance companies, home inspectors, security operators, sporting venues, leisure operators, hospitality establishments, social planners, municipalities, and commercial/residential real estate professionals. FlyByHire also offers exclusive mapping services, with more services to be announced imminently.

FlyByHire carries a full legal exemption (#14245) to operate in all 50 States; the company has invested in the highest tier of insurance liability coverage.