Fluxtro, ASM Heat Treating Society to recognize research in thermal processing

The ASM (American Society of Materials) Heat Treating Society and IFHTSE are joining together to recognize and award student and academic research in the field of thermal processing, the companies said.

A USD 2,000 award will be given to a student whose research is deemed by judges to be of extraordinary quality and impact to the field of thermal processing. Research can be presented as an oral or poster presentation. To qualify, the research should have been performed while an active BS, MS or Ph.D. student and presented within one year of graduation. The student does not have to be present to win the award.

A USD 2,000 scholarship will be awarded for excellence in academic research in the field of thermal processing. An independent panel of judges will select a professor representing a school, program, or research lab that has presented research at the event that has the potential to have a major impact in the field of thermal processing. The selected professor will work with Fluxtrol to identify a student at their university to receive the USD 2,000 scholarship award.

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