Flowmon, Garland Technology help ensure availability in 100G networks

After a year of successful cooperation, Flowmon Networks, a vendor of advanced network monitoring and security solutions, and Garland Technology, the manufacturer of network test access points (TAPs), has formed a joint solution addressing challenges of monitoring and security of high-speed datacentre networks, the company said.

Flowmon is a long-standing pioneer in delivering monitoring and security tools for high-speed networks, having formed a technology alliance with Garland Technology in June 2016.

Both parties have introduced a joint end-to-end solution for the management and security of high-speed, 100G networks.

Garland ensures feeding the Flowmon solution with data for analysis from all across the network. Thanks to that, Flowmon´s engine is able to execute real-time analytics in order to help administrators to deal with operational and security issues.

Flowmon is a vendor of network performance monitoring and network security products utilizing information from traffic flow. Through its high performance monitoring technology and behavior analytics, IT pros worldwide enhance network & application performance and deal with modern cyber threats.