Flirtey collaborates with 7-Eleven in drone delivery

Flirtey, a drone delivery service, has partnered with 7-Eleven to complete 77 autonomous drone deliveries to customer homes in the United States, the company said.

Flirtey conducted regular weekend deliveries during November from a 7-Eleven store to a dozen select customers who were able to use a custom app to place their unique order. Along with listing all items available for delivery, the interactive app also notified customers when their drone was loaded, when it departed from the store and when it was arriving at their doorstep.

Once at the customer´s home, the Flirtey drone hovered in place and lowered the package. On average, customers receive their packages by Flirtey less than 10 minutes from the point of order.

Flirtey and 7-Eleven say they are planning to expand their drone delivery operations in 2017.

Flirtey is an FAA-approved drone delivery service startup that has worked with NASA and universities to create the technology and logistics systems for a mass-market drone delivery network.

7-Eleven, Inc. is a convenience retailing industry based in Irving, Texas.