Flight Research introduces helicopter upset recognition, recovery training program

Flight Research, a provider of upset recognition and recovery training (URRT) has introduced its newest training program for helicopter pilots, the company said.

The company said loss of control in flight is a leading cause of aviation accidents, which applies to helicopters as well as fixed wing aircraft. It is important that every flight department recognize that their crews should be well prepared for any situation and able to recognize and recover from various abnormal situations, as well as properly operate in the broad environments in which helicopters often operate.

The company offers a course designed to expand the flying skills and expertise of all helicopter pilots from private to professional commercial aviators. Students fly in a variety of platforms from a fleet of over 40 aircraft including the Augusta A109, Huey B212 and BO-105, each specifically selected and tailored to the training needs of each student. Pilots have the opportunity to be exposed to any or all three typical rotor systems (fully articulated, teetering, and rigid).

Flight Research Inc. has provided upset recognition and recovery training in jet and turboprop aircraft since 1981. Customers include general and business aviation pilots and crews, as well as commercial airlines and freight carriers. The company´s support division provides aircraft, personnel and facilities to assist customers in maintaining mission readiness in their aviation operations.