Flexjet receives new Embraer Praetor 500 as part of a USD 1.4bn order

Flexjet LLC, offering fractional private jet travel, has announced its acceptance of its first delivery of the Embraer Praetor 500, part of a USD 1.4 billion order, the company said.

The Praetor 500 is the next generation of the Embraer Legacy 450, which Flexjet introduced to the market in 2016 and became a component of the premium Red Label by Flexjet offering.

The Praetor upgrades the Legacy 450 to more of a transcontinental aircraft — with 7 hours of endurance. The Praetor´s range of 3,843 statute miles/3,340 nautical miles is powered by Honeywell engines.

Flexjet first entered the fractional jet ownership market in 1995 and offers fractional jet ownership and leasing. In 2015, Flexjet introduced Red Label by Flexjet, which features the youngest fleet in the industry, flight crews dedicated to a single aircraft and the LXi Cabin Collection of interiors. Flexjet is a member of the Directional Aviation family of companies.