Flexiroam establishing presence in 14 US airport stores

Southeast Asia-based telecommunications startup Flexiroam, which launched its flagship product, Flexiroam X, in 2016, allows users to enjoy borderless data in over 100 countries, without ever having to change their SIM card, the company said.

The device consists of an ultra-thin microchip that can be applied onto users´ pre-existing SIM card and subsequently activated through a mobile app.

It has signed a partnership deal with Bluwire Group LLC, the retailer of technology products in international airports throughout the United States, and will be sold in 14 airport stores, spread across seven international airports located in New York, Newark, Houston, Dulles, Denver, Minneapolis and Atlanta.

This partnership will see Flexiroam X becoming accessible to over 350 million people traveling through these airports, helping Flexiroam break into the US market. Flexiroam X will also be exclusively sold, making it the only data product sold in these retail stores.

Founded in 2011, Flexiroam is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: FRX) listed telecommunications company that provides borderless data roaming in over 100 countries with 4G speed in over 56 countries. Flexiroam has garnered over 580 network partnerships as well as high profile affiliates such as Korean Air, Grab, UnionPay and TripAdvisor.