Flagship Facility Services/Flagship Aviation Services fights COVID-19 with PUREClean service program

Flagship Facilities Services/Flagship Aviation Services has announce a four-pronged approach to protecting employees in their workplace, and the traveling public in airports, amid COVID-19, the company said.

The service program is designed to support full, partial, or staged reopening of businesses and states

The program realigns the facility services scope of work to focus on high-touch/high-impact areas, uses EPA-approved disinfectants and high-performance equipment while driving process change to reduce transmission opportunities, educates facility occupants on their role in keeping their workplace safe and provides an adaptable scope of work and staffing plans that stay aligned to facility operations at any stage of post-COVID-19 recovery.

Whether a facility has been fully operational or partially shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic, PUREClean provides the roadmap to support employees´ ongoing health and wellness now and post-COVID 19.

Flagship Facility Services revolutionized commercial cleaning services by emphasizing the importance of putting customers first. Flagship´s reputation for high-quality janitorial services spread quickly throughout Northern and Southern California.