Five reasons why effective health and safety is a good business choice

Health and safety are a fundamental part of business across all industries. No matter the work environment, employees need to be protected from various risks and hazards. Whilst a certain level of health and safety is a legal requirement in the UK, implementing effective policies and procedures is a good business choice for a number of reasons. Let’s explore some of these.

Boost Productivity

Employees that feel safe and secure should be more productive and have better morale. Whether this security comes from protective staff workwear or equipment, this can help to improve the quality and volume of work completed because employees can focus more on the job at hand rather than worrying about their safety. An increase in productivity can have several positive impacts on the wider business, including more satisfied clients and higher profitability.

Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover

Following on from productivity, employees will be more satisfied with their day-to-day role and thus less inclined to miss days of work unnecessarily or leave the company. This is vital for team morale and can help to build a stronger, more cohesive workforce. Again, there are several benefits of this for a business, such as lower recruitment costs and more consistent capacity.

Lower Costs

Accidents, mistakes and injuries can cost a business staggering amounts in legal and insurance costs. Effective health and safety in the workplace can help to mitigate many of the risks faced by staff and thus lower the frequency and severity of incidents. Avoiding these situations can save a business significant amounts of money which can be invested elsewhere.

Improve Reputation

Every business has a reputation, whether it be from the perspective of employees, customers or members of the public. Any that are known to be slacking when it comes to health and safety may be less attractive employers which can impact recruitment efforts and overall performance. A bad reputation may also hinder your business development and sales because clients and customers often consider the risks before paying for a service. On the other hand, a good reputation can attract more diverse and quality candidates for recruitment and could be used for marketing purposes.


All the above benefits feed into a very important business objective – sustainability. Business owners and investors don’t just want to make money, they want to keep making money long into the future. Increasing productivity, improving employee morale and boosting your business reputation are all good steps towards a more progressive and sustainable workplace. Business can often be a virtuous circle, so improving your health and safety standards can have a significant knock-on effect to the rest of your business and beyond.