Fitango launches telemedicine capabilities to extend health management platform

Fitango Health, Inc. has released its telemedicine module, which facilitates telemedicine visits while providing patient engagement and care management, extending its population health management platform, the company said.

With Fitango Health, care providers can receive real-time clinical data when patients report on vital measurements, and may opt to receive alerts between appointments. This enables remote providers to intervene as necessary and address health issues before they escalate.

During a telemedicine appointment through Fitango Health, patients and providers can connect using a full suite of services including multi-point video, voice and chat. Providers will be able to review data and measurements with the patient, and quickly create custom action plans, medication plans and care plans in response to patient needs.

The Fitango Health compliance tools track adherence to medications and personal plans. Patients can invite family and friends to act as motivators, allowing them to receive alerts when they are non-compliant with their plans.

Fitango Health, Inc., a developer of innovative healthcare IT solutions, was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs and health care specialists to help healthcare organizations improve the monitoring of collaborative care, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and increase care plan adherence at a lower cost.