First Submarine Cable Protection Initiatives turn 60

After six decades, the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) continues to fulfill its mission by advancing submarine cable protection worldwide, the company said.

The ICPC´s first Plenary was held on 26 November, 1958.

In the mid-1950´s, a group of submarine cable systems operators formed The Cable Damage Committee (CDC). At the inception of TAT-1, (the first transatlantic coaxial telephone cable system), an international committee was conceived.

The TAT-1 system used the unidirectional flexible repeater where two cables were needed to make a transmission circuit. Because two submarine cables were needed to achieve bi-directional communication, TAT-1 was twice as vulnerable to faults via ships´ anchoring or commercial fishing. At CDC´s inception, eleven Member organisations belonged to the group.

The 2019 ICPC Plenary will take place in San Diego, California USA from 14-16 May and if non-member organisations are interested in participating in the Open Session of the annual gathering, submit a presentation abstract for consideration by 22 February 2019 via the Call for Papers link: