Firefly LiFi announces SecureLink LiFi solutions

Firefly LiFi, a manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC) LiFi products, has announced SecureLink LiFi solutions, the company said.

LiFi is one of the hottest new technologies emerging in the electronics industry, since the technology utilizes light to transmit data instead of radio frequency methods, such as WiFi.

Firefly´s technology is applicable for both highly secure indoor wireless communications–such as conference room and office connectivity, healthcare, education, and industrial communications networks–and license-free outdoor video/security camera transmission, 5G small cell, and WiFi backhaul applications.

LiFi provides higher throughput without the need for radio frequency spectrum or licensing. Firefly also has LiFi patents in the automotive and transportation sector. Its SecureLink system has been tested at speeds surpassing all other commercially available LiFi systems. Firefly LiFi is a Joint Venture between Teleconnect of Dresden, and LightPointe of San Diego, a top manufacturer of wireless backhaul solutions.

Firefly LiFi is a manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC), also known as LiFi. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.