Firedome Home brings cybersecurity as service capabilities to smart home platforms

Firedome Inc., the creators of the endpoint cybersecurity solutions for home IoT manufacturers, and Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC) have announced that the Firedome Home solution, will be launched as part of Universal Electronics´ Nevo® Butler platform, the companies said.

Firedome Home adds Cybersecurity Protection, Home Digital Diary, and Enhanced Remote Customer Support to the UEI product.

Firedome solutions are designed to close critical security gaps that are a byproduct of the IoT era. IoT devices have become “low hanging fruit” for attackers for their low cost of attack and lack of supervision which make them a common target for hackers. Cryptojacking, DDoS and ransomware attacks are only a few examples of cyber crimes that are threatening the home IoT ecosystem.

Firedome is built to secure billions of home IoT devices and prevent the next cyber-catastrophe. As Home IoT device companies are at risk of being held responsible for harmful breaches and attacks, Firedome has tailored its offering to their business and product needs. Firedome was founded by top security veterans with offices in New-York and Tel-Aviv and employs multinational cyber, embedded, research and analysis experts.

Universal Electronics is the worldwide provider of universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home. Its broad portfolio of patents includes QuickSet Cloud® service that utilizes the world´s most complete knowledge graph of devices to detect and interact with thousands of entertainment and smart home devices. More information is available at and