Finnair unveils anti-carbon program to reduce net emissions by 50% by 2025

Finnair has announced a sustainability strategy to banish carbon from its operation, with a 50% reduction in net emissions by the end of 2025, and carbon neutrality by 2045, the company said.

The new strategy includes a holistic approach to transform Finnair´s operations to bring the company´s climate footprint dramatically down.

A new partnership with Neste would increase the use of sustainable aviation fuels in Finnair operations.

Finnair said it is taking sustainability fully into its DNA, proposing to the Finnair Annual General Meeting an amendment into the Articles of Association, to allow Finnair to engage in activities that increase the positive effects and reduce the negative effects of our business on the environment and society.

As announced on Finnair´s capital market day in November, Finnair is committed to investing EUR 3.5–4.0 billion into the renewal and growth of its fleet in 2020–2025. This change will reduce CO2 emissions in Finnair´s European traffic by 10-15%.

Finnair will invest EUR 60 million toward its new Sustainability strategy during the strategy period (2020–2025). This investment is in addition to the mandatory EU ETS and other environment related payments, that amounted to over 35 million euro last year.

Finnair is a modern premium network airline, specialising in passenger and cargo traffic between Asia and Europe.