Finnair December APK up 8.1% YoY

Number of passengers grew 9.7 percent year-on-year, exceeding 10 million for the full year

In December, Finnair Plc.´s (HEX: FIA1S) overall capacity measured in Available Passenger Kilometres grew by 8.1 percent and traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres grew by 7.8 percent year‐on‐year.

The passenger load factor decreased by 0.2 percent points to 76.8 percent.

The capacity in Asian traffic increased in December by 4.3 percent, while traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres increased by 5.3 percent year‐on‐year as Finnair offered more flights than last year particularly to Korea and Thailand.

The capacity in European traffic grew by 5.1 percent on the back of increased frequencies and new destinations, while traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres grew by 3.4 percent year‐on‐year. At the same time, the growth in domestic traffic is mainly attributed to the inclusion of the routes previously operated at Norra´s own commercial risk as Finnair´s purchased traffic.

In October-December, the passenger unit revenue per available seat kilometre grew by 2.2 percent year‐on‐year and totalled 5.38 euro cents.

In December, the cargo capacity in scheduled traffic measured in Available Tonne Kilometres grew by 4.2 percent, while Revenue Tonne Kilometres remained unchanged year on year. The cargo load factor in scheduled traffic was 55.1 percent. In addition, Finnair´s total freight capacity includes two weekly freighter flights between Helsinki and Brussels and two shared weekly freighter flights with IAG between Helsinki and London, both operated by DHL.

In December, 85.8 percent of all Finnair flights arrived on schedule (82.2).