Finnair board proposes board members

The Finnair Plc´s shareholders´ nomination board has proposed to Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 17 March 2016 that the number of members of the board of directors would be confirmed as seven.

The board proposed to the AGM that the annual remunerations of the members of the board of directors would remain unchanged and be the following:

– Chairperson EUR61,200

– Vice Chairperson EUR32,400

– Chairpersons of the Audit Committee and Compensation and Nomination Committee EUR32,400, where these individuals are neither the Chairperson nor the Vice Chairperson of the board

– Other members EUR30,000 per year

The members and their spouses would be entitled to discounted travel on the company´s flights in accordance with the company´s discount ticket policy regarding the board of directors.

Finnair is a network airline specialising in passenger and cargo traffic between Asia and Europe. Helsinki´s geographical location gives Finnair a competitive advantage, since the fastest connections between many European destinations and Asian megacities fly over Finland.