Fingertips Lab introduces 'No Looking Required' personal mobile interface

Fingertips Lab has released pre-orders for its personal mobile interface O6, an all-access controller to connect via Bluetooth to any iPhone, allowing users to browse, operate and toggle between virtually every app and platform at the touch of a finger and completely eyes-free, the company said.

An all-metal rotary bezel dial featuring textured touchpad buttons and motion-sensors, O6 represents an entirely new paradigm of device input and control, combining both hardware and software to power a far more accurate and responsive experience than voice command-based programs. O6 lets users access content and control apps solely through touch and gestures to remotely open, browse and listen, and respond to text and email messages, news, social posts, music and more in real-time.

By combining the O6 device with its dashboard app, users can experience life in stereo mode. The O6 app displays a lineup of apps on a user´s iPhone including email, podcasts and Twitter as ´channels´ and all corresponding content as ´tracks,´ dynamically updating all in real time. And if the content includes hyperlinks, the O6 app will automatically fetch and extract the content to audio or convert it to speech for a seamless experience.

Founded in 2014 with the mission to make technology more usable to more people, in more settings, Fingertips Lab launched its flagship product line O6 to transform the way people interact with smartphones while staying present and engaged in life. Fingertips Lab is based in San Francisco.