FingerCheck introduces ACA compliance tools

Employee time tracking software company FingerCheck said it has released a new set of features designed to help employers ensure that they comply with the Affordable Care Act.

FingerCheck´s latest features focus on the ACA mandate, and allow organizations to quickly determine whether they are an applicable large enterprise, or ALE.

“The Affordable Care Act came with a lot of new rules and standards, many of which our customers were finding to be somewhat confusing–especially given that their employees are necessarily working from one office the conventional way. These tools make it super simple by taking the data from your employee time tracking and using it to determine what applies to you,” said Sal Lemmer, Marketing director at FingerCheck.

The ACA compliance tools are the latest in a series of regular updates to the company´s time tracking software and applications. Other recent additions include in app support, a new tablet app, and more. The company describes itself as dedicated to developing features designed to fit a rapidly changing workplace and HR culture.