Financial advantage of digital printing

Digitalization is a hot topic where everybody seems to be talking about. New technologies are advancing faster than could be imagined. Most sectors are taking advantage of this, adapting quickly. For companies, what are the advantages of the digital world? And how can entrepreneurs profit from it financially, whether your business is online or not?

Digital printing companies like operate in a sector that has to stay ahead of the competition and the developments if they want to maintain on top in terms of production and quality. What evolution is going on in the online printer sector thanks to the technical advances? Until just a few decades ago getting marketing materials printed for your business at an online printer was quite expensive and the quality offered was acceptable. Of course, this was before the great wave came where digital printing companies began to improve their products.


Nowadays when using an online printer you can notice the improvements the sector made. It is normal for example to give the marketing materials a personalized touch with a logo and one’s own design. In general online printers don´t charge extra for this. It gives companies the change to differentiate itself from its competitors. Also the variety of materials to choose from and the different printing options, give companies options and a head start over opponents. With the different options to choose from, one can define their own budget and keep track of costs.

Saving in time

The advances of digital printing companies save businesses time, thus money. This can be demonstrated with a small calculation. Let´s suppose a business bills £10.000 a month with 4 employees. If this is divided proportionally it means each employee has a responsibility of £2.500. If one employee works 40 hours a week or 160 hours a month, the productivity of one person per hour in the company is therefore equal to £2.500 / 160 hours = £15 per hour. By using an online printer for marketing materials and let them do what they do best, one can save easily 4 or 5 hours. That equals £60 till £75, not counting the savings involved in contracting an online service, which are normally cheaper than physical printing companies.

Time dedication for companies

A workday only has limited hours a day. So it´s important to spend that time in the most optimal way possible. Opportunity cost is something that applies here. Opportunity costs are measured by the benefits a business misses out on when choosing one activity over another (something you can´t do because you are doing something else). It helps make substantiated decisions for businesses when there are multiple options. When choosing between a physical printing company and an online printer, visiting a store to get the print work done can take maybe up till 5 hours. The opportunity cost? What you can produce in these 5 hours. If you choose for an online printer you will probably spend less than 30 minutes to place an order that will be delivered to the office.

It is clear that the digital revolution has resulted in the arrival of a large number of advantages, among which financial benefits.