Filtronic Expands Hybrid Microelectronics Manufacturing Facility

Filtronic, the designer and manufacturer of antennas, filters and mmWave products for the wireless telecoms and critical communications markets, has invested over US USD 1.3 million in new equipment for its manufacturing facility in Sedgefield, UK, the company said.

The expansion will enable Filtronic to significantly increase capacity to meet a growing demand for both its highly integrated E-band transceiver modules for mobile telecoms backhaul infrastructure and its precision hybrid microelectronics assembly and test services, including mmWave device packaging and sub-assembly manufacturing.

The new equipment includes automated pick-and-place and wire-bonding machines to augment Filtronic´s existing assembly and production lines, which already have a reputation for product quality and reliability.

Filtronic´s hybrid microelectronics assembly and test offering includes: low-void die attach and precision component placement; fully automated wire bonding with deep-access multi-level capability; hermetic sealing; and automated test to 90GHz and above. Proprietary air cavity packages can include mixed GaAs, GaN and Si die within a single package, and are capable of performing at frequencies higher than 90GHz.

The precision hybrid microelectronics assembly facility has received significant positive feedback from its customers, including a major European defence manufacturer who singled out Filtronic´s manufacturing expertise for a special commendation.