Ficto Releases Premium Interactive Streaming Network

Ficto, a streaming service that offers interactive shows produced exclusively for mobile without a paywall, has announced the launch of its mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, the company said.

Featuring a full slate of premium programming cultivated from both A-list Hollywood and emerging talent, Ficto offers shows and series ranging from original dramas and licensed film adaptations, to comedies, docuseries, talk shows, game shows, news, and more.

Unlike traditional, one-way static viewing of streaming movies and shows, Ficto enables viewers to immerse themselves in the action with fun, interactive features that are native to mobile, such as live-stream, viewer geo-location, live chat, instant polling, choice-based narratives, 360 viewing, augmented reality (AR) characters, click-through e-commerce, and more.

Ficto is launching with 30 shows, averaging 5 minutes per episode, and anywhere from 3-10 episodes in a season — with an additional 20 shows already in production, and more added to the content pipeline weekly. Designed to protect the creative intent of artists while accommodating consumers´ vertical viewing habits, Ficto developed a unique technology where editors retain creative choice of their series in portrait mode frame-by-frame while also having the ability to stream horizontally. The result is a superior viewing experience that is native and optimized to mobile.

A full roster of available shows can be found on Ficto´s shows page:

Based in Los Angeles, Ficto is a free streaming service that offers premium, interactive shows produced exclusively for mobile, available for viewing on iOS and Android. The Ficto platform offers adaptive vertical and horizontal formats putting viewers at the center of the streaming experience. For more, visit: