FICO gets new cybersecurity analytics, utility network protection patents

Analytic software firm FICO (NYSE: FICO) has been awarded new patents related to cybersecurity and utility network protection, the company said.

FICO now holds 169 US and foreign patents, and has 97 pending patent applications.

Members of FICO´s fraud analytics team patented a system and method for cybersecurity threat monitoring using “adaptive analytics,” which adapt to changes in the environment. This innovation can detect command-and-control behavior of malware on an infected computer by creating and monitoring real-time behavioral analytic profiles for computers, DNS domain query names, IP addresses and other entities.

The second new patent is for utility network and revenue assurance, and covers a system used to detect anomalies in the measurement and distribution of utilities. This system uses smart meter data to find unusual patterns in utility consumption, which may indicate fraud or loss.

The utility analytics system was developed for the electric utility industry, and is also applicable to other utilities, including gas and water distribution. FICO has used this technology in its work with major utility providers.

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