Fibocom releases global LTE category-9 M.2 module

Internet of Things wireless modules provider Fibocom Wireless has released its L850-GL, a LTE Cat 9 M.2 module with global industrial and carrier certifications, the company said.

The L850-GL is a multi-mode LTE CAT9 M.2 module with GNSS, supporting the global LTE markets with an impressive 21 FDD LTE bands, 4 TDD LTE bands, and penta band WCDMA, powered by the Intel XMM 7360 LTE modem. L850-GL is to include 35 regulatory certifications and 10 carrier certifications, and with field test efforts to 70 carriers among more than 20 countries.

With downlink speed of up to 450Mbps and uplink speed of up to 50Mbps, the standardized M.2 form-factored L850-GL ensures ease of upgradability from lower speed modules, and seamless top speed LTE experience worldwide.

L850-GL is the perfect cellular solution for world travelers´ devices that need top connectivity speed anywhere LTE is present. Samples of L850-GL will be available in Q2 2017 for test and integration. Certifications are to be completed by Q3 2017.

Fibocom Wireless provides cellular communications modules of all technologies and LBS solutions that enable secure IoT applications globally across many verticals. Fibocom´s global sales channel, logistics, manufacturing and support allow enterprises to simplify operations, increase efficiency and create new business models. Fibocom is based in Shenzhen, China with additional offices in the United States, Taiwan, India.

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