FiberTower invests in PHAZR millimeter wave 5G technology

PHAZR, a Gigabit wireless solutions provider, has partnered with FiberTower to focus on 5G millimeter wave systems development, the company said.

Pursuant to the agreement, FiberTower, PHAZR´s largest investor, will participate in the initial round of funding along with iTimeFund and other investors.

The company said the FiberTower investment will help PHAZR accelerate the deployment of their 5G technology for a Gigabit per second mobile and fixed access system utilizing mmWave bands between 24GHz and 39GHz.

In conjunction with its investment in PHAZR, FiberTower will also create a technology advisory committee to its board of directors led by PHAZR CEO Farooq Khan.

When available in 2017, PHAZR´s 5G millimeter wave system is expected to deliver 16 Gbps throughput per cell over a 200-MHz channel block. Prototype equipment is expected to be available in 4Q 2016.

PHAZR is developing affordable and sustainable 5G millimeter wave systems capable of providing 128X faster experience and 1,024X more capacity compared to 4G LTE.

FiberTower owns licensed wide-area authorizations in the 24GHz and 39GHz bands, where it develops and deploys high capacity solutions for carriers, enterprises, municipalities and government.