FedEx forecasts 10th annual megatrends

FedEx has released the 2016 Access 25–a list of 25 people, places and ideas defining global connectivity, the company said.

This year´s list reveals three global economic megatrends that focus on the ways mobility is reshaping the globe–empowering individuals, fueling innovation and driving societal change.

Within each of the three megatrends, the Access 25 list also investigates related microtrends impacting global commerce. Among these trends are:

Wi-Fi balloons–companies like Google and Facebook are working to bring connectivity to parts of the world where a lack of fiber, towers, and infrastructure thwart internet service.

Mobile healthcare–Mobile clinics are taking health professionals to rural parts of the world and allowing them to proactively treat illnesses. US Doctors in Africa promises to send 200 mobile health clinics and 2000 nurses and doctors to sub-Saharan African communities.

Robotic exoskeletons are blending human capabilities with robotic components to make once unthinkable feats possible. At speeds of 10 miles per hour, soldiers are suiting up in these exoskeletons to move up to 200 pounds of gear.

Available online and in a print magazine, Access explores what greater connectivity means for the world, and seeks to generate dialogue about global opportunity, including trade and sustainability.

This year´s cover story of the 10th anniversary edition of Access Magazine examines the global commerce and connectivity that has contributed to Dubai´s remarkable rise. From the city-state´s 22 Free Economic Zones (FEZs) to the expansions of its two airports–including Dubai International, now the third-busiest airport in the world–Dubai provides a compelling example of how global connections can drive economic and social prosperity.

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