Federated Wireless plans environmental sensing capability tests

Federated Wireless, Inc. has developed a testbed in Norfolk, Virginia for future demonstration and verification of its Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC), the company said.

The ESC is key to unlocking the value of shared spectrum in major metropolitan areas, which will improve the performance and capacity of wireless networks, drive innovation, support new business models and spur economic growth.

Federated Wireless´ ESC and Spectrum Access Systems (SAS), which are part of its CINQ XP platform, are currently in the certification process with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for commercial availability. The combined ESC and SAS in CINQ XP will facilitate the coexistence of users that will access shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band.

Formed in 2012, Federated Wireless, Inc. is developing scalable wireless infrastructure solutions to extend the access of carrier networks. The company´s dynamic Spectrum Access System (SAS) platform focuses on the distribution of shared spectrum. Its approach incorporates a neural network of radio sensors that allow for interference-free access to low-cost, high-quality spectrum, and breaks down traditional barriers of high-cost, exclusive spectrum. It is headquartered in Arlington, VA with offices in Boston, MA.