Federated Wireless Gets USD 13.7M to Accelerate Deployment of Private Wireless Networks

Private network pioneer Federated Wireless has announced that it has secured USD 13.7 million in additional Series C funding from existing investors Allied Minds (LSE: ALM) and Pennant Investors, the company said.

This funding will accelerate expansion and adoption of the company´s partnership with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to offer Connectivity-as-a-Service, announced in February. It will also provide a new path to 1,000 MHz of spectrum for private wireless networks by expansion into the 6 GHz band for 5G services.

The Federated Wireless private wireless offering Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) enables enterprises to order the business connectivity services they need, with a single click from AWS or Azure, with Federated Wireless delivering and managing the network. A broad range of solutions and partners enables choice with proven reliability. It offers cloud scalability with comprehensive visibility into network performance and usage that allows IT management to set granular network policies while maintaining secure control of networks and data. It does so at a low cost with the high-performance and reliability of 4G/5G technology delivered at enterprise Wi-Fi costs.

Founded in 2012, Federated Wireless has long led the industry in development of shared spectrum CBRS capabilities. The company´s partner ecosystem includes more than 40 device manufacturers and edge partners, all of which are dedicated to collaboration to advance development and proliferation of CBRS services. Federated Wireless´ customer base includes companies spanning the telecommunications, energy, hospitality, education, retail, office space, municipal and residential verticals, with use cases ranging from network densification and mobile offload to Private LTE and Industrial IoT. For more information, visit: www.federatedwireless.com.