FATHOMWERX Announced as Tech Bridge for NavalX

On Tuesday, May 12th, NavalX issued a public release announcing Ventura, California, as one of its six new Tech Bridge locations in a nationwide effort to double total initiative facilities, the company said.

Recognizing Ventura as a diverse and geographically rich environment that is home to public and private universities, a high-technology corridor, and Naval Base Ventura County, NavalX´s Tech Bridge Ventura is based at the FATHOMWERX laboratory at the Port of Hueneme.

NavalX´s Tech Bridge initiative was first founded in 2019 to reduce barriers between the Navy and non-traditional partners — such as start-ups, small businesses, academia, non-profits, and private capital — to increase access to local innovation ecosystems. This, in turn, aimed to enable the DON to harness advancements in industry.

After seeing early success in the initiative, and to meet the growing demands for greater connectivity with industry and academia, NavalX announced on Tuesday morning that the total of Tech Bridge facilities would double with the addition of six new locations, Ventura´s FATHOMWERX, making the list.

FATHOMWERX was established in 2019 as a public-private consortium and resource for technical innovation and capability transition. The facility, located at the Port of Hueneme, includes 60,000 square feet of space dedicated to fostering rapid innovation, disruption, and audacious projects. Through strategic partnerships within the region, programs conducted at FATHOMWERX evaluate developing technologies against operational needs in the port and maritime domains, and suggest pathways for engagement, funding, collaboration and implementation.