Fastly Improve Global Internet Performance

Fastly, Inc. (NYSE: FSLY), provider of a global edge cloud platform, has announced support for HTTP/3 and QUIC, the web´s newest protocols, built to power the modern Internet, the company said.

HTTP/3 and QUIC are primed to modernize the Internet in a number of ways: faster response times, greater accessibility worldwide, and setting the standard for built-in encryption, just to name a few.

As the world becomes increasingly web-reliant, the demand for a more secure and dependable Internet increases, driving the need to find better performing and more secure alternatives to the incumbent HTTP/2 and TCP protocols. HTTP/3 is the newest evolution of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and QUIC is the always-encrypted transport protocol underneath it. Through HTTP/3 and QUIC, Fastly customers can provide a better digital experience for their end users, ensuring confidential and secure connections.

Fastly´s support for these new standards allows delivery of even better and faster digital experiences to its global customers.

Fastly´s QUIC support provides:

– Faster web pages: HTTP/3 and QUIC minimize head-of-line blocking and reduce handshake latency, significantly reducing page load time.
– Better streaming: In addition, QUIC also improves network performance overall, significantly reducing start-up time and rebuffering of video and audio streams.
– Turn-key security: TLS 1.3 — the latest version of the Transport Layer Security protocol — is built directly into QUIC and secures headers and metadata from third parties, allowing more private, trustworthy connections than ever before.
– Seamless integration: Because QUIC runs in userspace, it integrates seamlessly with Fastly´s tooling, tracing, and logging infrastructure, making it easier for Fastly developers to run experiments and initiate rapid deployment and evolution of sites and apps.

To learn more about Fastly´s beta program and implementation of HTTP/3 and QUIC, visit: and email

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